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PLACE is a site-specific artist’s residency program seeking to transform vacant and under-utilized real estate of the I-10 corridor into temporary cultural attractions.  Launched in November 2014, PLACE has created energy, excitement and additional foot traffic through its efforts and activities in the community.  PLACE operates as an arts exchange and residency, inviting emerging and established artists from outside the region to collaborate with local artists, community members, and school students to revision and recreate the selected site.  The site plays host to a variety of public events and engagements.

PLACE No. 1 took place during the month of November 2014 in the old Social Security building on Ryan Street in downtown Lake Charles. PLACE No. 2 is currently in planning mode. We are looking for volunteers, a location, and funding to launch this second project in May of 2015. PLACE No. 3 is slated for August 2015.



SOUP is a community dinner celebrating creative projects in Southwest Louisiana. For $5 you receive soup and a vote. You will hear four presentations ranging from art, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology, etc. Each presenter has four minutes to share his or her idea and then field four questions from the diners. We eat, connect, share resources, and vote on what project we think should win the money gathered from the night. When the night nears to a close we count the ballots and whoever has the most votes takes home the money from the door.

SOUP has taken a hiatus during the fall but plans to resume this December. Check here and our Facebook (http://facebook.com/freeswimcreative) for news and info on how to submit your proposal for SOUP!